Children's Ministries Evaluation for your Congregation

Complete the evaluation as honestly and openly as you can.

This evaluation needs to be completed by the  pastor, the children’s ministry coordinator, and a parent individually. Use additional paper as needed for  the evaluation. Use the evaluation to guide your process and thinking toward a Children’s Council and  ministries for children in your congregation and community. Please attach a flyer, brochure, or outline of  the Children’s Ministries of your church?

 Click here to download and print a PDF of this evaluation.

Congregational Children’s Ministries Evaluation


• In each Sunday School classroom is there age appropriate furniture?


• In each Sunday School classroom are there age appropriate toys?


• In each Sunday School classroom are the walls clean, do they have a mural, or are they  blank?


• Is there a picture of Jesus in each Sunday School classroom and in the nursery?


• Is there a worship center in each Sunday School classroom?


• Is there a Bible and a Cross in each Sunday School classroom?


• Can the children touch everything in the classroom?




• What curriculum is currently being used in each age level?


• Are the teachers comfortable using the curriculum?


• Is the curriculum working?


• Is there training offered for those using the curriculum?


• Do the children understand who Jesus is according to their age?


• How is the curriculum working?


• What are the ages of the children in the Children’s Ministries?


• Are DVDs/ VHSs used as supplementary materials or as actually teaching materials?


• Is the Bible in use in the curriculum?


• Do the children read from and use the Bible during Sunday School?


• Is there a resource room available and accessible to Sunday School teachers?


• Is the resource room neat and orderly?


• Is there a library for resources?


• Is there a library with children’s books and videos?



• Are children aware and taught of the church seasons?


• What programs are available outside of Sunday School?


• Are the same children participating in Sunday School as the programs?


• Is there a Children’s Church?


• Is Children’s Church age appropriate?


• Do the children stay in worship?


• What kind of leadership do you have for programs outside of Sunday School?


• Is there appropriate space for Children’s Ministries programs?


• Are there outreach/missions programs involving children?


• Is there choir or music for children?


• Are there discipleship classes for children?


• How are children cared for during meetings, worship, and other activities of the church?


• Are those who care for children in the nursery or during worship, meetings, and other  activities of the church CPR trained?


• Where are children cared for during meetings? Worship and other meetings of the


• Does your church offer Vacation Bible School?


• Is your VBS community oriented?


• Is your VBS mission oriented?


• Does your VBS teach about Jesus?


• Are children taught to pray?


• Are children taught how to pray?


• Are children encouraged to pray?



• Is there a playground for children?


• Is the playground safe and supervised at all times children are present?


• Is the playground accessible?


• Is the playground age appropriate?


• Is the playground used during Sunday School?


• Is the playground used outside of Sunday School?


• Is there a play space with grass?


Sharing space:

• Do you share space with a Day Care or Parents Day Out program?


• How do you share?


• Is the sharing compatible or are there kinks to be worked out?


• Do you reach out those attending the Day Care or Parents Day Out program?


 Safe Sanctuaries:

• Are your classrooms safe for each age level using the room?


• Is there a check-in and check-out process for young children?


• Do children wait on parents or do they wander around the building?


• Are there name badges used by employees and other workers?


• Are the classrooms welcoming to children?


• Are the classroom well lighted?


• Are there adult/staff monitors in the hallways where there are children?


• Do you have a Safe Sanctuaries Policy?


• Do you use your Safe Sanctuaries policy?



• How many teachers per age level and classroom?


• Is teacher training available for teachers annually?

• Are the teachers prepared for class and present at least 10 minutes before class time?


• Are the teachers welcoming to the class?


• Do the teachers sit with the class or up above or away from the class?


• Do the teachers enjoy working with the age level they are teaching?


• Do the teachers participate in worship regularly – weekly, monthly, yearly?


• Do teachers understand their Christian heritage?


• How do teachers express their personal faith in Jesus Christ?


• Is there teacher appreciation shown at least once a year?