Pete Banish

Phone: (205) 226-7966

Although he defines his job as Night Elf Mohawk, Peter Banish is the Director of Information Technology for the North Alabama Conference—if you want to get technical about it. And since Pete can get technical with just about any electronic device used by conference staff, the two words most often uttered at the UM Center are “!”

Pete, a Methodist lay person, grew up in Homewood, Alabama, where he can boast that he was the first rebel to sport a Duran Duran sticker on his car's bumper. During his growing-up years, he loved comic books, video games, going to the pool, and the Camel Rider sandwich at Nabeel’s. But his very favorite memory is spending Saturdays at Fretted Instruments, where he claims to have been adopted by Herb Trotman and Rick Stone and forced to learn how to play bass using a string tied to a stick run through a tin can one handed and blindfolded. OK, not one handed or blindfolded. But the musical training did lead to a stint playing in the Navy Band - San Diego.

Pete enjoys any and all types of music, action films, XBOX360, and spending as much time as possible with his amazing children, Jack and Elise. Pete says the people he most admires are his grandfather and grandmother, both in their 90s, both sharp as tacks, and both exceptional in every way. Guess that’s who Pete takes after.