Lyn Cosby

Phone: (205) 226-7972

Lyn Cosby joined the conference communication team in 2008. A lifelong United Methodist, she is a gifted speaker, facilitator and teacher who, as one kid once noted, "lives God with all her heart." Lyn's leadership in the local church has included planning Sunday evening church programs, coordinating Vacation Bible School and fundraisers to finance mission trips, serving on the administrative board, the board of trustees, and as a member of the pastor-parish relations committee. She has taught Disciple Bible Study classes for many years.

Lyn's background has been a prevenient path to her conference position. Her experience includes marketing, advertising, copywriting, production, journalism and management. She has used each career in pursuing her passion: to help a new generation of church leaders mature in their spiritual journeys.

After Lyn attended the Walk to Emmaus, she was called to work in similar three-day events structured by the Upper Room. She became particularly devoted to two such events inspired by the Emmaus model of spiritual formation. One is Epiphany, created for juvenile offenders incarcerated by the state. The second, Young Adult Chrysalis, or YAC, is designed for people ages 18 to 24. During her tenure as chair of the Alabama YAC Board of Directors, Lyn was instrumental in starting a new YAC movement, making several trips to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to help establish the first Chrysalis community in Europe.

Lyn's husband, Rodney, is brilliant at repairing all things broken, but prefers riding his Harley and playing harmonica with rock bands. As for their children, Daisy is an artist extraordinaire, Jake runs his own produce business, and Molly works in the registrar's office at Auburn University, where she graduated summa cum laude in 2010.