Wanda Tray

Phone: (205) 226-7987

Wanda Tray, Health Insurance Benefits Coordinator and Cash Receipts Clerk, spends her work days helping Conference clergy and staff members to understand and make best use of their benefits, which makes her very popular indeed. She is also responsible for posting the monthly remittances received from local churches.

But when it comes to her off hours, you’ll find Wanda spending as much time as she can with five very precious people— Kaitlynn, Emilee, Braydon, Jacob and Grayson, the grandchildren she adores. Wanda’s biggest blessing is that these five, along with her own children Pete, Jennifer and David, all live quite close to her Pell City home and she gets to lavish them all with lots of love and special attention.

Wanda also spends her free time indulging in a couple of other activities she enjoys—walking and working in the yard.